Standing In the Sands of Time

Focused life energy appears like the beam of a laser pointer, directing you to observe specific points. The pointer is a powerful tool, demanding that all attention is carefully engaged. Focused life energy is the most powerful tool in your tool box of life. Scattered life energy appears like a kaleidoscope with continuous breaks in the design. While you may find it more dramatic and entertaining its value is limited to simply observing. It doesn't really direct you to look at anything except the breaks.

Life energy is scattered by variables we have been exposed to that were dramatic enough to consume your attention. This cycle typically begins in early childhood where life skills are honed. This is unfortunate because you have far less control over the events that may even be bizarre but are presented to you as 'normal.' Even though you smooth it over, looking away from events and the damage left behind, it is no less a shattered childhood causing confusion and bad choices as you learn to navigate mixed signals in your daily life. Sadly this spills into adulthood where you practice a 'go along to get along' approach or the exact opposite, rage. Both are guaranteed to make your journey difficult and far less successful than it could have been. It is not uncommon to see a survivor attitude surface as the twists and tangles of life begin to unravel. You learn to ignore the niggling doubts that things may not be as they should and compromise or simply swallow the bitterness that accompanies the pain of the losses. Both invite a friend named Misery into your life journey. By adulthood you may even be comfortable with this old friend, trusting it more than happiness.

Like living under cover, you learn not to expect much from others in your life and rarely believe good things will last. This is a part of the 'survivor syndrome' that keeps you prepared to let go when you imagine you have lost. It is the 'I ain't scared and that didn't hurt' cry from a child still attempting to make it through the pain. There is no healing if you remain on this path, but there are some surprises.

You may find yourself in relationships where 'give till it hurts' becomes your mantra. Like a doormat with a smiley face on it you keep on keeping on, many times attracting abusers or narcissists into your life. This ensures that you will be pummeled like a punching bag with others rage, insults and outrageous demands. On and on it goes, or so you thought. The surprises arrive as warning shots from within. You may ignore them at first, like the signs of an approaching heart attack or stroke that you ignore. Why not since you are the survivor? You may skip right past those early warning signs but like a freight train barreling down the tracks, the one that gets your attention is approaching if you ignore the early signs. Something really is happening here.

You are not alone on this journey. You are accompanied by your higher consciousness, a part of you that has survived intact. More importantly, you are sharing this journey with your Creator; you may recognize this as your soul. This is the source of those warning shots. It is an alarm attempting to wake you up, asking you to make a change now. This part of you has made a decision. No longer willing to continue on a path that has veered so far from the one filled with hope and promise that accompanied you into life, you are provided perhaps a final opportunity to make the necessary changes that allow your life to be enriched with things that are in your best interests offering purpose and joy, or leave.

Too many times the human response is to stand in the sands of time, firmly fixed in place, staring at the tide as it washes over your feet. The tide literally drags away the sand beneath you. This is a reflection of the years passing by being pulled from beneath you, disappearing forever. Life may seem not to be fair or that your path was more difficult. Why, why you wonder? Why did it work out this way, why did things never change? The answer of course is because you never changed. Even when the warnings came you survived them and returned to the sameness that was suffocating the best that you could become. Why?


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