Can't Light Your Darkness Anymore

People who live 'in the light' exude light and warmth that extends far beyond them. Their aura is strong and vibrant, felt deeply by those around them and even at a distance. People enjoy being around them even if barely touched by them. Others have made a choice to live in the darker side of life, some proudly, others defiantly. In some odd way those in the dark are particularly drawn to those in the light, like the proverbial 'moth to the flame.' The moth is typically burned; in life frequently the light is dimmed as it merges with darkness. This is even more prevailing when the person who chose the darker side refuses to leave it while the one in the light continues trying to light their darkness.

The vibrant colors of a light filled world gradually fade to black and white, and difficult. Those in the dark enjoy a special kind of glee in their quest to diminish and finally extinguish the light around them; it makes them uncomfortable. This was always the challenge. Time stands still as the colors of life fade away. As you search for yourself it seems there is always someone else you see for nothing looks the same when colored in the hues of gray. This is the world of dimming light gradually fading away. It can be a strange place to find yourself in, one where chuckles follow their intent to cast a spell on you. It is oh so fun to them and oh so frightening to you.

By now you may be feeling it is much too late to save yourself; but you're wrong. Things may seem fragmented as you search for who you used to be, wondering if you're ever going to find your way back. There are two important things to remember... things look different and frightening in the dark, and light always overcomes dark. You can find your way back but only if you are willing to leave the darkness and step back into the light.

These kinds of relationships are more common than one might imagine. There is simply a natural attraction to the light for those who have chosen the dark; it is a curiosity that cannot be quenched. They may tell you they mean you no harm but all that you embrace cannot survive in darkness; it thrives in the light. And so do you. It's not really so difficult; you must decide who you like the best. The person you were or the one you are becoming as you attempt to grow in the dark. You will either lose everything or change everything when you accept that you can't light their darkness anymore.


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