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The Great Deceiver of Fulfillment

What percentage of your energy do you commit to happiness or fulfillment of your personal dreams and goals in life? If you imagined it to be somewhere in the 60% range you have joined that wonderful category of 'average.' How does anyone arrive at the correct answer to this question, how does one assess the percentages? It's not as difficult as you think.
What percentage of your life energy is committed to fear or anger at another person or situation that causes you to feel helpless? Eighteen present is the typical answer! How much of your energy is allocated to envy or resentment? Twelve is the average number. How much energy is expended in your efforts to fit in or be accepted by a partner, friend or co-workers? Eight percent is the average number. All the other things like worry and everyday stressors fall into the two percent range.
Why does it even matter; why spend valuable time determining where your energy is committed? Your physical body, the container that encom…

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