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Precious Love - How It Makes Us Feel Brand New

So elusive, this emotion called love; even if you don't know what it feels like, you know it's important. Everyone is searching for it. There's a look to real love. You see in the eyes of strangers passing by. They rarely see you, they are lost in the magic of being together; it's a look you can't hide. What lies within that magic we can't live without? What happens to us when at last it comes along?So many things happen to us when we're swept into the throes of this emotion. Our hearts race when we see 'the' phone number on the screen, a text or email so simple it may say only 'I love you;' suddenly we feel special. Because we are special to the one who loves us enough to contact us with such a simple message. As soon as it arrives our hearts are full, our minds filled with memories we can only share with each other; all that from a simple message. We can't stop smiling, it's love!Everyone becomes a multi-tasking genius when they…

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