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The Promise of Human Will

Human will is the strongest and most powerful force existing in humans; it rises as a natural instinct that propels us beyond what seems possible. From the newborn baby born far too early measuring the length of our finger yet survives to the 33 miners who emerged from the bowels of the earth 69 days after being buried alive we are witness to the power within that drives us to survive, to win. Stories of heroes and heroic deeds are filled with the sheer power of the human will. Ordinary people in everyday life fight battles of terminal illness and obstacles that are miraculously won through sheer willpower. It is a raging fire that burns within.
Is this the same will we exercise in our daily life; the one that sets goals, recognizes dreams that are infused with faith, those that become hopes? It isn't; those that require what appear to be beyond possibility spring from a much deeper place within us. This kind of human will exists at soul level where we are connected with our high…

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