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Never Gave Up On You

Have you ever loved someone so much you simply could not or would not give up on them because you cared too much? What lies behind this kind of commitment? It is good for you; is there a time to let go?When you stand behind someone, and catch them when they fall; when you can't see eye to eye and all your friends say it can never work, you are standing in faith. This is pure intent in its finest hour. Pure intent is pure love. It allows you to stand strong when a child is struggling and screams their hatred for you, or when a partner intentionally makes your life as rough as possible because they can't envision their own sense of self-worth being restored.Sometimes people you genuinely love let you down, they make mistakes that affect or almost destroy your life. Your first inclination may be to pack their bags and set them out the door, even when it's your own child. Refusing to give up may mean you will be treated to unimaginable mood swings, sleepless nights and the acc…

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