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Can't Give Any More

It's surprising how many capable people have skirt or shirt tails made of Velcro. You will recognize them by the trail of outstretched hands that are stuck to them. These people frequently become problem solvers for all the people around them. Initially it may seem complimentary to resolve all those issues for others. If one does it long enough most people acquire a habit of dropping not only the things that befuddle them but things they could easily accomplish right into the laps of the one they used to admire so. When this point is reached they barely notice the person who now holds their future in their capable hands. This is the road that leads to weariness and zaps the enthusiasm and passion from the life of the one they depend on.
Maybe no one has noticed that the problem solver is approaching the destination they have been traveling towards for a long time, maybe even years. It is called 'can't give any more.' That is what weariness is; an empty vessel that has …

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