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Participating in Your Own Success

Sounds silly, doesn't it, the idea of 'choosing to participate in your own success'? Yet not doing so is the stumbling block that prevents many people from reaching goals or achieving much more than they could see themselves reaching! We have to not only get out of our own way but take steps to promote the things we love to say are important to us. Not actively participating is exactly what the old adage of 'shooting yourself in the foot before a footrace' is about. It is also the birthplace of the losers limps that we carry about to explain why something didn't work out, why we couldn't cross the goal line.
How do we exist in this kind of confused messaging? Things like saying we want to be promoted to a higher position while failing to take any steps to acquire the training or education that would allow us to advance, or being in an entry-level position while decrying the fact that we can't move up even while being frequently late or on the absence r…

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