It's Only Make Believe Recovering Inner Reality Skills

'You create your own reality' has become an overused cliche; everyone has heard it, some believe it, a few understand it. Those who do understand it know that life is a lot like make-believe. Children are accomplished at make-believe. They understand they can create any reality and 'live in' any situation they choose. This works beautifully until some adult who has lived long enough to forget how things work crashes into their private world to proclaim that what they believe is real is only make-believe.

Have you seen the poster that features a lion and his cub walking together? It says 'I thought about quitting but then I saw who was watching.' An astute person will question who thought about quitting, the father or the son! Both of them had a reality they were walking towards, likely different but real to each. We are all born with instinct, like the animals. The instinct to survive is the strongest by far. The instinct to create follows closely. We enter a brand new world, a new existence devoid of anyone else's ideas. It is instinctive to begin creating, to make-believe that what you need or want is before you exactly as you imagine it would work the best.

If you are born in a country where the language is English or any nation where the language is not tonal the creative side of your brain is forced to develop mush faster. You are probably more accomplished at making believe your world is perfect in your own eyes. Those who are born into nations that have tonal languages become masters at duplication. They can copy anything with mastery. China is a great example of this. You expect a lot less in your 'perfect world' because you have not developed the natural creative instinct to create more.

The more one is exposed to people who are jaded and do not believe in making believe the faster they lose the ability to create a reality that embraces their personal dreams. Children believe the adults who surround them. Authority figures like teachers, preachers and older peers they perceive to be intelligent or believable alter their course dramatically based on the things they say and how they live. Children observe their reality. If trauma and hardships become a part of their daily lives they are even more inclined to bury hopes and dreams and adopt a victim attitude. Their creativity is encompassed in those hopes and dreams.

Things happen that we have no control over as we are growing into adulthood; many times it feels like we had no choices. The deeper that idea is embedded into your consciousness the less likely you are to understand the profundity of what is possible by using the creative side of your brain. That is the place where what it is capable of becoming reality as you understand it develops. If you are stuck or thinking of quitting it's time to make-believe again!


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