Time to Truth

During this challenging time I want to share this except from my book, 'Journey.' It is lengthy for a blog, yet instills hope for all.

 “Receive my Counsel this day.”
The master’s voice was clear and strong; he had walked to the top of the hillside and stood with the sun beaming its rays around him, his arms outstretched.
“Many questions have arisen from those who travel their life journey; and they are the same questions that rise from all of creation. As I speak to one, I speak to all.”
“I hear your pleas, your cries and your questions.”
“Just as I hear the cries of a newborn bird, fallen from the nest, and feel the pain of the trees that are struck from their glory by lightening from the skies, know that I hear you also.”
“Your cries have filtered through the clouds and the starlit night and find their way to my heart on the rays of the sparkling sunbeams.”
“Be at peace, be calm, and know that I hear you. And know that on this day, all the secrets of Babylon will be made known to you.”
“You have read from many books and have great wisdom to share. Lo, it is that which you did not find in the ancient tablets or books that cause you great distress. I am with you; I hear your pleas. All the Wisdom of Solomon was granted to you, but you do not remember. Today, again, it shall be given to you.”
“Know that I love you and I am with you now, through these words, to fulfill the divine promise that the Lord shall set his hand again, the second time. Today, I set my hand again. This is the second time.”
“You weep because you pray to your Creator and think your prayers not answered. Look up, look up and see the sun shining brilliantly above you. Do you see it? Does it provide warmth and all that you require to complete your day? Never have I doubted that the sun would rise; I created it, and I alone know that it will bring sunlight and warmth every day.”
“You have burned your map to contentment, you have forsaken your claim to peace of mind, you have snuffed out the candles that were set to light your intended path of splendor, and then you stumbled, lost and frightened, in the darkness of senselessness and self-loathing, until finally, you fell into a hell of your own creation.”
“Then you cried out and cursed the luck that had befallen you. You refused to accept the consequences of your own trivial thoughts and lazy actions and you searched for a scapegoat on which to blame your failure. How quickly you found one. You blamed me!”
“Know that when you pray to me for richer soil, or more shade or more sunlight or any material thing that you alone have decided you must have, I hear your pleas. It is the same as if you were praying for the sun to shine while you bask in the glory of the sunbeams.”
“Your requests were already granted.”
“I see only perfection and completion. I cannot see this lack that you complain of; for it exists only within the walls of your imagination. There is no lack, there is no richer soil, there is nothing you would ask for that has not been granted to you already.”
“Know that I see only perfection and completion, and that all that exists is real. All of creation has been blessed with guides and guardian angels that walk beside you all of your days. They are committed to protect you, to guide you to make good choices and to help you realize your dreams and the purposes you have set forth for your life. They see through your own eyes and understand your fears, and how you have allowed them to manifest.”
“Listen, and know that the answers that drift to you on the wings of the sunbeam are their guidance as they lead you to the path that will realize your dreams.”
“You cry that you do not know how to pray, or what to say.”
“I say to you this day, go forth and build an altar of gratitude, and pray before it. All of your wishes have been granted; count your blessings!”
“Did the sun rise to dispel the darkness?”
“It did, count one blessing, for you would soon perish without the sun.”
“Are you able to breathe the air? Does it fill your lungs with oxygen to sustain your life?
“It does, count another blessing.”
“Do you breathe each breath without commanding your body to do so?”
“You do, count another blessing, for this is a miracle.”
“Do your eyes look upon the earth and see the brilliance of the new day? Do you see without commanding your eyes to gaze upon the beauty?”
“You do, count another blessing for this too is a miracle!”
Does the ground beneath you bring forth fruit and vegetables that nourish your body?”
“It does, count another blessing.”
“Do the bees work every day to pollinate your plants and help your food to grow? Did you ever, even once, ask them to do so?”
“It was not necessary; count another blessing for the soil would not allow you to produce your food without their help.”
“Does darkness befall the earth each day to allow you to slumber and awaken refreshed? Were you ever asked to command it to do so?”
“Nothing was asked of you to bring the darkness; yet the earth would be scorched without the time to rest. Count another blessing.”
“Does your body move in unison? Must you command it to move your arms and legs before taking a step?”
“You do not; the body is a miracle and nothing is required from you, except to keep it holy. Count another blessing, for this too is a miracle.”
“Does not the grass grow, the trees bring shade, the earth brings forth fruit to sustain you, and the oceans bring food and relief to you with winds and rains without your command?”
“They do, count another blessing.”
“You were created in the purest form of love. Your existence depends on the vibration of love. It has always sustained you, even though you took no notice. So long as you are willing to exist in love, to speak loving words, to create each new day in love, all that you seek is granted to you.”
“There is a flow of energy in the universe that sustains life. To live within it, you must first bring forth gratitude. This same energy allows the earth and the heavenly bodies to remain in their designated path. It brings forth all that you wish if you will stay in the flow of the healing positive energy.”
“If you have not what you desire, it is your fear that has slowed or halted the supply of goods that flow through the universe. All that is, exists through the flow.”
“I can no more grant you richer soil, more food, lime, or any other such thing than I can make the sun shine while it is already shining above you. I say to you again that all that you seek is before you. Your desires have already been granted.”
“If you choose to believe in lack of anything, then so it is. If you believe you cannot have the things you desire, then so it is. Within you was planted all the Wisdom of Solomon, all the gold of Babylon.”
“It is of no use to ask, haven't you known, haven't you heard, hasn't it been told to you from the beginning; haven't you understood from your creation? You have not known; you have not heard; you have not understood.”
“Take heed this day, and know that you, and only you, can create the world you wish live in. All of creation was created in love and perfection. If your world does not reflect love and perfection then the fault lies within you.”
“You are afraid to believe, afraid to stand up, afraid to grow to all that you can be. The enormous Redwood tree is a magnificent creation. And yet, the same seed, when split by the hands of mankind, grows to become the tiny bonsai tree. It is your choice how far you will climb, how high you can see; all of these things are preserved by your choices.”
“Pray to me with gratitude, knowing that your prayer is answered; and then take another step, and believe in that which you seek, that it already exists in your life.”
“You seek to know what to say when you pray?”
“Say thank you, and know that all is well.”
“You seek to know who I am.”
“I am one with you and together always, we are one.” I am all that was or ever shall be, and so are you.”
You can no more separate yourself from me than to leave home without your torso one day. We exist together as one; I with you and you with me.”
“You were granted the ability to choose, something even my angels are denied. Your right to choose is astonishing and sets you above even the angels. And yet, when you choose to exist in despair and lack and pain, you decry that it is I who has done this to you! That somehow I failed to answer your pleas or caused your misfortune or demise. It was your own choices that caused you such pain; know that I was one with you even as together we endured the pain and to the very end when I wiped away your tears.”
“Your choices have predictable consequences. And yet, I promised I would never leave you, and lo, I have never left you. We exist together as one. Know this today; make a choice that will lead you to the completion of your dreams. The ability to choose is one of your greatest miracles. Choose wisely.”
“You ask why there is darkness, who created it and why does it exist?”
“You created the darkness that steals away the joy in your life; I provided all that you require to sustain your life and to have life abundantly. It is you and your choices that have created this evil that exists in the darkness.”
“ While it is in my power to dispel it forever, to do so would violate my most precious promise to you; the ability to choose for yourself. When you stray into the dark, like a moth to the flame, I warn you of the consequences and what may happen to your life. I know you hear my whisper because even there, in the darkness, there am I, with you, we are one. Know that my own heart breaks when you make these choices, and yet, there am I, with you. I do not create the evil; it is of your creation.”
“You question my appearance, and many examples are provided.”
“I look like you, as you see me, because we are one and you are made in my image. Whatever you are, there am I, exactly as you are. It is of no consequence, I am that I am and we are, together, as one.”
“You ask why temptation exists and then suggest that I placed it there to ensnare you; to trick you into some evil that shall befall you.”
“As with Eve in the garden of Eden, there will be no temptation that you are not warned of and aware of; it was her choice then and your choice now to disobey and disregard the warnings. There are dangers that exist all around you. You are provided the protection of knowing that it is danger and then the right to choose to obey or not.”
“To live life successfully, obedience is required. Otherwise you will fall into the pits of despair and disease. Stand strong and make a better choice, and seek not another to blame your misfortune on when you do not resist the temptation, for to do so, to fail to accept the responsibility for your own choices will only ensure that you will walk the path again. Be wise, choose wisely and be honest with yourself about your responsibility for the outcome.”
“Evil was manifested though your thoughts, beliefs and actions when the right to make a choice was misused. I did no more create evil than I made the choice; but I do warn you of the impending consequences if you choose that path, and then must walk it with you when you have made your choice.”
“You question why those who arrive with special disabilities were created? You ask whether I am a master who creates pain and hardship lightly, and worse, to entrap them into a life journey!”
“The special needs souls have come at a great sacrifice; they exist to teach all of you to love unconditionally, to teach you about gratitude, to teach you to find great joy in that which was ordinary, to teach you to care for others who require more and not less from life. They are here to help build your character, and to teach you to love that which is imperfect according to your standards. They are indeed special and deserving of all that I have subscribed to them.”
“You ask why you are denied the opportunity to question my decisions.”
“I say to you that you exist in a constant state of questions and disbelief. And I hear them all. Be still and know that I hear you and that I answer your questions. It is not necessary that I come to you to speak each time. Pay close attention to what is happening around you, to nature, to that which you are not in control of. Of course I hear you and of course I answer you. We exist together as one; how can I possibly not hear you? The answers are before you if you will only be still and listen, and watch nature and that which is happening around you. It is I, answering your questions! It was you who did not listen or observe to hear the answers!”
“You ask the timeless question, why must we perish?”
“Life is a journey, a trip that you have agreed to embark upon. Know that life is the greatest gift I can bestow upon creation, and free choice the greatest promise.”
“Tend it well, guard it and nurture it with all that you have. But know that as all journeys are want to do, when you have finished all that you came forth to do and have grown weary of the constraints of the physical plane, you are granted the opportunity to return to me. This does not happen until the time you have agreed to return to me has arrived. Treasure your life, enjoy it, live it well and have it abundantly until you have finished your journey.”
“And one more thing, know that a life not lived because of fear of failure or pain is a waste of the journey.”
“You ask are you at the mercy of a master who denies you choices and inflicts terrible consequences for your actions; you ask whether you are compelled to serve a master who would turn his back and not forgive, even though you are asked to forgive?”
“Know that you were created in perfect love. You are at the mercies of your own choices. I have put in your path many warnings when you are in danger of making bad choices. Heed the warnings, pay attention to the still small voice within you. You are never denied the right to make your choices; and you will never be denied the consequences of the choices you have made.”
“The terrible consequences are the results of your own choices. Know that I am with you all the way, when you are enduring pain and hardship and feel forsaken, there am I also. I feel your pain and have shed many tears at the choices that are made.”
“Still, I must honor your right to choose, as it is a sacred promise I have given to you. It is not that I am unforgiving but rather that you have chosen the consequence through your own choices. I say again, choose wisely and turn away from that which you know is evil. ”
“All of life is miraculous, and all of life is a miracle. Be still and know that I am with you every step of the way, that I have never forsaken you and that I will walk with you even to the end of time.”
“Eons of time have passed since the beginning; there is more evil to tempt you. It is because more time has passed that disease, temptations and evil have had more opportunities to grow and fester among you. Many have found it easier to imagine that I do not exist, than to call out the evil that exists before you!”
“Tumultuous times are coming; you may be asked or even forced to say you do not believe, that your faith no longer exists. Take up no swords over what you call your Creator, have no fear of the power of any other creator; and judge no man for what name they choose to call their Creator. It is only important that each of you recognize your Creator and honor the one who gives and sustains life.”
“You will witness many events that shall absorb you from the heart of your own path; you may be asked to follow a soulless leader, you may be required to work for a taskmaster who is has no heart; many things may rise up to test you and your faith.”
“ When these trials arise, know that I am with you; know that I am one with all that is creation, even thine enemy, and know that there is always hope because this is so. For like as I am one with you, so am I one with them.”
“Your salvation lies within your acceptance that I am with you; turn your mind to the purest form of love and let every thought, every idea and every action spring forth in perfect love. This day you know what is real and what is true and you must choose to follow that path to return the joy and happiness into your life.”
“And fret not if the waters are rough, even if it seems there is no way through. If only a miracle will bring you through, then remember that you are a miracle and so am I. Count two miracles that stand together as one, sharing the same heart and walking hand in hand.”
“Reach out, take my hand and stand again, for this day I have set my hand again, and you have again received all the knowledge that was bestowed upon you when you were created; that which you had forgotten until this day.”
“This day you have received the knowledge that you are never alone, that your existence is a miracle, and that together we have always been one.”
“Take my hand, walk with me and dream your dreams again, dream without fear of failure, dream knowing it is already realized and that every image of failure is only an illusion. And even on the darkest night, look above you at the promise of the coming new day as the starlight dispels the darkest path. Know that I am with you even then.”
“Be still, and know that I am with you always.”


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