The Seething and the Silenced, a Fear of Freedom

America is rapidly approaching a glaring red light where a turn could easily be fraught with peril. We faced this same peril in the humble beginnings of the Republic; we battled and won against the most powerful military might on the planet. The likelihood of a win was against all odds and surely gained through God's favor. We faced an enemy who used a club of fear to cower us back to what they perceived to be our rightful place. Our dastardly deed of attempting to be a free people would be forgiven if we lay down our arms and allowed them to control our country; if not, we were to be branded traitors and punished with death. It seemed impossible to win; yet the Americans chose to fight. They understood the value of being a free people.

The history of this nation is filled with little people who rose to big occasions with honor, valor and courage. It is these acts of honor that are carefully inscribed in the banner of our flag; the battles were fought for and won and displayed with great pride. It honors all those who dared to believe.

Some years ago complacency set into the society known as America. It is a disease born of disinterest and assumptions. We imagined we had made our place in history and were no longer required to fight the battles of morality, truth and justice that cemented the pieces of greatness into our foundation. We looked the other way when we encountered things our forefathers knew would be dangerous to the Republic. We thought we were strong enough to survive insidious ideas being taught in our schools and enacted on our streets, displayed on our televisions in our own living rooms.

America has now been face to face now with the proof that what one proclaims to hate the most in another represents their own greatest weakness. It is in our streets spewing like bile from those who are screaming the hateful words of 'fascist, racist and the host of other ist's, ism's and phobes' we have all learned the meaning of; they are acting in that exact manner. They have become the poster child of the 'ist's, ism's and 'phobes.' They terrorize our streets, beat out windows of our cars and stores, burn down anything available and scream hate filled words intended to make us cower and become what they believe in. They demand we repent of their own sins. They are seething with rage; translated, that means they are filed with fear. Fear always wears the mask of anger. Are they angry at our deeds? Hardly; they are angry at their own perceived losses, just like those who crossed the ocean and attacked, demanding that we cower us into submission, again.

What looms ahead at the red light is the abyss of the loss of freedom. On this path our speech has been redirected to words and even ideas that were deemed 'appropriate 'by nameless, faceless educators and professed leaders of society who assumed the right to determine what an entire nation must become. They exhibit utter disdain for the battles fought and won, for the revered Constitution and Bill of Rights that were so carefully crafted to protect the American citizens. They have assumed the right to redirect the future of an entire nation, insisting we lay down our arms, accept their ideas and stand down. There is an absolute disrespect for our right to free thinking, to embrace that which we have chosen and feel good about who we are.

History is filled with stories of nations who have fallen into this abyss. They are the same ones we have attempted to rescue people from. They are ruled by dictators, silenced by fear; we have stared in horror and wondered how they accepted that fate, how it happened. Propaganda, we used to say in pity! Their people don't know the truth. We couldn't imagine, until now. Little attention has been paid to how very little creativity exists in those societies. Their tonal language and lack of emotion promote them to become masters of copying but never creating. Our freedom has elevated us to great heights of creativity. We call it Yankee Ingenuity; we find a solution.

Mediocrity arrives on the wings of complacency, of accepting the unacceptable and allowing oneself to be silenced into submission. It is born of a fear of being unacceptable even if the actions of those passing judgment are unacceptable. And those who are passing judgment, what do they fear; what has caused such fear? They fear our freedom, our right to be an exceptional nation with citizens who chart their own course. That renders us out of control; their control.

The American people need to wake up and put the gas pedal to the floor, speeding without hesitation through this looming red light. We need to stay the straight course we have been on for centuries; the one that our forefathers set for us. It is the one of honor, dignity, exceptionalism and yes... freedom.


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