Just Let It Be

Sometimes the best action you can take about a frustrating issue that seems to require a response or action is to simply let it be. When your best efforts seem to be in vain, when every idea or response is rejected and only causes more dissension it may be time to let go and just let it be, regardless of how important the issue is to you.

There are a few things that can help propel us into this position.

1) You don't really know all the facts and someone may not want you to.
2) You may imagine that your ideas are more workable or important than the others who are involved and be attempting to force them to see it your way. When people are resistant, they are feeling controlled.
3) You may have a commitment to a different outcome than the person you are attempting to persuade.
4) You may have failed to pay attention to what the other person is trying to convey or misunderstood their intent.
5) The other person does not really want to hear you and is intentionally rejecting your efforts in an attempt to control you.

There are obviously other causes of this but these are the frequent causes of impenetrable road blocks. It is worth taking a second look and making the determination. In every one of these cases sooner or later you will arrive at the point where you are willing or forced to let go.

It is up to you to determine the value of your time and efforts, the extent of your interest or how long you are willing to make attempts towards a resolution that others may always be resistant to. Difficult though it may be, in this situation it is in your best interest to let go of any attempt to inject a solution and even any attachment to the outcome. When things are beyond your control it is usually for a good reason.

If you can accept this as an option you will find that you are far more empowered by becoming an observer and free from any commitment to the outcome. You have effectively parked a heavy load at the door of the owner who must carry it for themselves. You may be surprised to learn that they will finally pick it up and carry it capably or realize they are unable to at which point they will actually appreciate your efforts. Either way, you win if you can just let it be in these circumstances. Who doesn't need a win now and then?


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