Beyond The Breath of Life

What happens to the breaths that you exhale; are they still your breaths? What if you could see energy and could follow the path that they take. Maybe they did not know that you cared and were able to follow their path, but you know. Because you care and can see and control energy, you might move things that would destroy each breath out of harm's way, or even move other breaths into a path where they would merge because they make each other better in some way. But wouldn't that breath eventually dissolve into nothingness you may wonder? It would exist within the energy force that you created; one that has boundaries determined by a magnetic force of energy you have carefully placed to ensure that it does survive and thrive. Is this how God's first breath of life to each of us may be perceived?

If so, does each breath still belong to Him, even though it may be unaware of how or where its existence began? Imagine that each breath carries a consciousness of its very own and the ability to grow and choose where and how it may want to exist; yet it only continues to exist because you have not recalled it by inhaling it, a return journey of sorts. What if you were always aware of just how much it was capable of becoming, or changing the environment it exists in, and so you guide it to places where it can absorb what is essential to help it become all that it can be. When it does, it becomes aware of its surroundings and maybe even really aware of how its existence began. Maybe many of the other breaths that have accompanied this one become aware of one another and share their consciousness, because they understand that they can. They become excited at the prospect of what they can experience and share with others that are around them.

As you watch all of these breaths co-mingle and grow, as they become enriched with what they have learned and can accomplish, you may see that the magnetic force they are contained within can be extended to allow them to embrace more growth and greater understanding. And so you allow the magnetic force to become less dense, allowing them to enter a new environment where the push and pull of the magnetic force is more friendly and subtle. It will be unfamiliar to them at first; they may perceive this new expansion of energy as fearful or strange. Still, they recognize that it is lighter and easier to navigate; that many new opportunities are before them. They become aware of their own quantum attributes and the magic contained in their ability to use them.

Time may not be significant to you; you simply allow them to continue their journey and sustain it with a loving force of energy, understanding now what they will understand one day. Because you lessened that magnetic boundary, they have entered a new dimension. This then can be likened to all of us who exist on Planet earth as we emerge from the dense magnetic forces contained in a 3D existence and begin to enter the 4th dimension. The question remains, are they still your breaths simply because they have not yet become aware of how they were created? It is for them to decide; you already know they will return to you one day when their journey is completed.


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