Strange Magic - The Mystical Lure

The connection... stranger's eyes that lock in a public place, eyes that meet across a crowded room, a continuous series of unplanned instances of bumping into or passing one another or a glance that becomes unforgettable; like magic, it's the connection. What is happening?
Everyone has their own personal brand of magic; a scent, a move particular to them; the list is endless. It's that something that sets that person apart in the eyes of someone who will become special to them. Ask anyone caught in the throes of romance and they can provide an endless list of small details that are a part of their special someone. Yet all of these things are secondary and not the strange magic that propelled them into the life of another. It is something even more personal and magical!

Merkaba, an ancient word meaning chariot of life that encompasses all of our aura or life energy and more commonly known as the innate, extends 24 feet, or twelve feet in any direction from our center! It is a direct connection from our own higher consciousness to the physical plane where we exist. Merkaba is connected to our own life plans that were carried into this journey. It is not blinded by filters of perception or any ideas flawed or otherwise that we have attached to. It is simply the purest energy of each person and knows exactly what fits their plan. It is the energy of the Merkaba that has reached out and caused the connection that at times seemed impossible.

It is important to note that each person has their own innate that surrounds them. Yours will cause great joy if the connection is one that will benefit you, one that is benevolent. If the intent of the other person is not in your best interests, the connection may at first seem magical and suddenly your attention will be drawn to things that should ring warning bells. Something in the conversation, people or things around them that are not what they seemed or some other little thing that suddenly catches your attention. This is your innate warning you to stop; things are not as they appear. How is it possible to encounter those strange mystical connections only to begin receiving the warning signs? It is the intent of the other person your innate is warning you about. If none of these things happen you are being given the green light to proceed!

It is important to trust those 'gut' feelings. The voice that whispers 'stop' is the voice of your higher consciousness that has crystal clear vision and your own best interests at the forefront. Many people have learned to use their personal brand of magic to create an appearance that is intended to connect and then drag you into an abyss that can make you miserable or worse. Those are the predators we all hope to avoid. The ancient wisdom of the Merkaba blankets you with supernatural protection. Pay attention!


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