Intuition - Who's Got It - How to Get It!

Look around, how many people do you know who always seems to have a correct 'hunch' about something, those who are perceptive, seem to have a sixth sense or even be clairvoyant; they have great intuition! Some people dismiss this idea; others stand in awe and hope their friend will share things they themselves cannot yet see in their future, but there is no question that this is a valuable asset for every human. So, who's got it? How can you get it?

Everyone has it; the degree that it influences your life is measured by your willingness to acknowledge and accept it and correctly assimilate the information received. Imagine looking at a color that seems yellow, but maybe is a bit off. You may dismiss the variance in shades, so to you, it is yellow; you look no further. To the master painter, it can only be Ochre, which is the correct color. The painter looks more intently and sees the shades not just the colors; this is exactly what intuitive people do with information they receive; they pay attention and look closer at events and things that may be signaling a change they can become tuned in to.

Information we receive that is beyond our immediate 'reception area' such as media, friends and other places you may visit to learn what is going on in your world is processed and provided through your innate, the smart body that surrounds every human. It is this same smart body that warns us of approaching danger behind us or in upcoming alleys and places where we cannot see what is lurking, but suddenly we feel the danger. Our higher self, the consciousness that is not limited by our physical body, is constantly searching out all information that is valuable to share with us, pushing it to our innate to allow us to use the information in a manner that is beneficial. The receiver for all of this information is built in to each of us. If you are not receiving it or are unaware of, it is time to fine tune your antenna so you can always be ahead of what is coming into your personal energy or aura.

How do you accomplish this? Wake up to the fact that it exists. Your innate extends 12' in every direction of the space your physical body occupies. It is reading the energy of everyone and everything in that space, making a determination about whether it will impact you in a negative manner or may offer an opportunity for something positive. It is always connected to your higher self who has no boundaries. Be aware of these guardians of your energy and tune in intentionally. Ask questions mentally or out loud. The answers will come either as a sense of knowingness or by other obvious signs that you cannot ignore. You will recognize the answers quickly once you become aware. Pay attention to things like ice cubes dropping just as you ask a question, or other things that are not under your control. These simple steps will unlock the door to your awareness and heightened intuition; how you choose to use the information is up to you. But, everyone has it and this is how to 'get it'!


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