LIAR LIAR! Discerning the Truth

Lies are betrayals... betrayals of truth. They are frequently painful, embarrassing and may be the single most frequent basis for anger. Anger is the mask that fear wears; what is so frightening about learning that you have been lied to? Our fear lies within the foundation of our judgment. Having good judgment is essential to our navigating the paths through life successfully.

We are far more comfortable on the journey if we know we can trust our own judgment. It is unimaginable that a Creator who empowered us with every vital component to live life abundantly did not equip us with the ability to discern truth. And He didn't send us out into a life with so many unknowns without the built-in fool-proof protection of discerning truth. We just forgot the instructions:

1) It's in the gut - Our 'gut instinct' is fueled by information gathered by our innate, the smart body that surrounds every human. Regardless of whether you are familiar with or believe in the existence of your innate, you communicate with it regularly. Nonsense you say! Read on. Information transmitted to you and interpreted as 'gut feeling' is 100% reliable. We imagine that our brain is the most powerful tool, yet the innate delivers absolute truth instantly. Extending 12 feet in any given direction, it is reaching out and reading energy and intent, immediately transmitting pure information to you... via that 'gut feeling.'
2) What about logic? We have trained ourselves to rely on our logical thought process rather than using the built-in protection of our instincts granted to us by our Creator. When we use this as the first line of our defense we are limited to the information we have gathered and stored in our lifetime. This system is flawed because the information may be incomplete or inaccurate. Growing up in a dysfunctional environment also alters the ability to make accurate assessments because we are trained to accept unacceptable behavior and believe it is normal. This prevents us from arriving at the correct judgment.
3) When the heart gets in the way... growing up where unconventional or addictive behavior has contributed to our surroundings cultivates a strange phenomenon. Our heart gets involved with our logical assessment. It was not intended to work in this manner; it clouds our judgment. We are better protected when we listen first to our gut instinct and then transfer those findings to our logical mind which communicates directly with our higher consciousness. Only then, when our two most powerful protectors have examined a person or situation and found it to be acceptable should it transfer to our emotions, via the heart. The best parts of humanity originate from the heart. When we grow up or live in a dysfunctional environment we use the emotions from our heart to override the good judgment of our instincts and logic. They merge to excuse inexcusable behavior, rendering us vulnerable and many times, defenseless.

How do we recognize signals from our 'gut instinct'? Your first reaction may be to laugh, even if inappropriately. "I know it's not funny, but I can't help myself." Sound familiar; it's the signal that what you have heard or seen is preposterous or ridiculous, untrue. "That doesn't seem right... " It isn't, this is the signal that something is amiss and untrue. "That's hard to believe... " Don't. This is a clear signal that truth is not in the story or scene. The air feels heavy or foreboding (someone just walked on my grave), or 'I just had a funny feeling... " What comes to your mind first is the assessment being delivered from your own instincts.

How do we know truth when we hear it? That old adage, 'The cold hard truth... ' arrives with cold chills, (a chilling truth) raised hairs on our arms, (hair-raising) sudden shivers (gives me the creeps) sudden sounds that we do not control like a doorbell ringing, ice cubes dropping, a bird suddenly appearing and singing loudly, a sudden unexpected interruption like the washing machine making noises... There are a multitude of them but all appear as sudden or unexpected and outside our control. It means, 'pay attention.' We tend to ignore this when we are hearing something we don't want to believe. If any of these things happen, be still and discern truth; you won't get fooled again.

Sincerity arrives with a light airy feeling of joy or peace; this is the 'all clear' signal from within.


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