Bitter the Tears

Are you mending from a serious break and feeling far too vulnerable to ever love again?

At some time on the life journey, things may happen that cause you to become hard-hearted, callous and filled with bitterness. While smiling through your tears may fool some people, and you may decide on this course of action for varying reasons; don't attempt to fool the man in the mirror.

This is where delusions take hold. If you are able to honestly call out the situation to yourself and to the outside world, do it. It is a much faster path to real healing and soul growth.
Here's the thing; if you are blessed to have a normal life span you are going to lose someone you really love to death. This is life and one of things we must learn to accept because we cannot change it. Every journey has a path and a destination.

You may lose someone you love to another person. You can be sure that if that person belonged to your life plan, they would be in it. You cannot lose someone or something that belongs to you. And, you cannot keep that which belongs to another.

You may lose a job in a totally unfair situation. Get the lesson and get the heck out of there. The longer you hang about wondering why, the more of your energy is focused on creating more negative events from this one.

Friends may betray you. Find a better definition of friends. Real friends never betray you; however, you will be blessed to have one real friend in a life journey. The rest are acquaintances.
Establish healthy boundaries to redefine what is appropriate to share. Betrayal may be there, but it is not in the company of a friend. Denial and Delusion are likely lurking about.

If, after examining all the possibilities you determine that a real friend has betrayed you, look closely and see if you have forced them into a position where they had no choice. You do not have the right to ask anyone, not even a friend, to betray their core beliefs to hide something for you or to protect you from something you have set in motion.

Enemies may try to harm you. Act immediately to protect yourself, do not become a victim to their tyranny, cover for no one, be honest and then examine how you came to have enemies.
This is out of the flow of good in the life journey. Dispel them in some manner by releasing the attachment to whatever they have used to 'hook' you. (Usually emotions)

You may lose something important to you, something material like your job, your home or car; something that matters a lot to you. Count your blessings; build an alter of gratitude and keep it always, even in the best of times.

Otherwise, release the attachment and move on. If you fail to do this you will be captured by the energy attachment.

Events will happen on your life path; they do not define you. What you do is not who you are. Your response defines the magnitude of the event.

Do not allow any one or any situation to get an emotional hook into your life. Some things you must lose and some things you will lose because they were never yours. Celebrate this loss, move forward to your own personal gains.

Love is the most healing emotion we will encounter.

To be loved unconditionally is a gift of enormous proportions. If you encounter this, know that you are blessed and treat the person who brings this with great respect.
When we are emotionally healthy we will attract this kind of love into our lives. Seek to be emotionally healthy and your energy will complete this quest through the universal law of attraction.

Sometimes, in times of anger, resentment or rage, all we can do is burn through it like a blazing fire and offer it up to the universe so that we don't incur any more responsibility or bad karma.
Anger is an exceptional "cutter" for attachments or getting unstuck... as long as the anger does not possess us...

Often, if you're willing to burn through the anger or anxiety and then go deeper and beneath it, there is usually a deep well of sorrow and vulnerability dying to surface.
Sadness is consuming at this level. It typically stems from feelings of helplessness.
The death of a loved one, the loss of a relationship that was important to us; real sadness devours us until we deal with the root cause.

There are varying levels of sadness, sorrow and vulnerability, but true, deep and profound sadness stems from the surety that there is nothing at all we can do about what has happened. It actually requires us to mourn whatever has caused this. It is only then that we can 'cut away the grave cloths that have bound us' and step back into a world with color again.
The potential of this will assist us in getting back in touch with how powerful and cleansing our feelings can be, when we're willing to go deep and be nurtured by them rather than repressing them or allowing them to overwhelm us.

Have you ever noticed that after you allow yourself to burn through anger and/or have a really good cleansing cry, your eyes become so luminous and clear! And there's your soul, staring back at you saying, "I'm back, better than before!"

If you have deep anger surfacing, examine closely what attachments are involved in the anger. Are there deeper feelings hiding beneath it? Anger is the mask of fear. If so, delve deeply into those feelings; take them out, carefully examine them and then determine how to deal with them; they are the root cause. And just like a weed in your garden of life, removing the root is the only way to ensure it will not return, bigger, stronger and stronger than before.
If fire is the cutter, then tears are the cleanser and releasing the attachment is the dirt that finally puts the fire out.

Cut it, cleanse it and bury it!,


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