Full Court Press - The Media Mess

The United States Constitution was painstakingly crafted to define the vision of a new nation whose founders were acutely aware of the pitfalls and dangers to the personal freedoms looming in an uncertain future. It proclaimed the nation as a Republic, affording the bulk of the power of its future be determined 'of the people, by the people and for the people.' The First Amendment, by its placement, clearly defines the things they feared would most inhibit the realization of this new dream; tucked within those words is 'infringing on the freedom of the press.' Why did they consider the press to be so instrumental in protecting the realization of their dream that it was essential to be a part of the very first amendment?

Journalists are expected to honor a creed that has long been recognized by their industry and respected by Americans. They are charged with the responsibility of accurately and concisely presenting the facts of affairs both foreign and domestic to their citizens. There was an understanding that they stood as the guards at the gates of our freedom by virtue of their accuracy and lack of bias in their presentation. So long as they honored this duty Americans were able to make clear choices about events that affect their future, safety and security. They earned the respect that was afforded to them through their integrity. Something has happened; the effects of this present dangerous consequences to the very fabric of the American people.

It has become difficult to determine what is real news being reported without bias and what reflects simple commentary and opinions of those who present it to us. Many have begun to deceive their audience either through a complete refusal to report important events, by framing events in the context that supports their own beliefs they wish to promote all the way to the intentional dishonesty reflected in edited interviews that create an entirely different perception than the truth. The American people are no longer provided with accuracy, facts or the complete story. They are forced to rely on integrity that has been severely compromised. The guards have vacated their time-honored post, silently and without notice to the people.

News should never be opinion based, nor is it entertainment. It is the strength of the foundation that forms the actions her citizens will take to continue the American dream; they are entitled to the absolute unbiased complete truth. This is the very reason they were singled out for protection in the document that cements our freedoms. Their forbearers accepted nothing at face value; they validated and dug deeper until they found the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and then reported it to the people. Nothing less is acceptable. The press should don the time-honored mantle of truth and integrity once again and honor their guard duties to America.


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