Is This Your Soul Mate?

What is a soul mate? Most of us associate this with a romantic partner, the most common union of soul mates. A soul mate is someone who you have a history with; in another time and place. You have shared goals and commitments and many times a deep and abiding love for one another; things that were important to both of you and were interrupted in an earlier lifetime through death. You are here to finish the story!

Are there signs? There are...

1) Soul mates have an uncanny habit of sharing facial features; they look alike in many ways but share no DNA. This includes mannerisms that mimic one another in response to the same stimuli. When either of them hears the same story, their response is a mirror image. They share these traits even though they are not related and did not have the same societal training or ethnic backgrounds.

2) They are passionate about the same goals and commitments.

3) They frequently finish one another's sentences; they are so tuned into one another that they share an unspoken communication.

4) Much like twins; they know when something is wrong, when either is in danger or when their mate is ill and needs attention. They have a shared bond that goes very deep.

5) They may expect far more from each other and hold one another to a higher standard, remembering who they really are and what they are capable of.

6) Soul mates recognize one another at the first meeting; they were never strangers.

7) They sub consciously remember the pact they made before they came into this lifetime; when either breaks their commitment, they tend to hang on longer; waiting and expecting their mate to 'get back to the agreement.' They rarely do; this is the star crossed lovers. It is more difficult for them to let go, and more necessary. The things they came to finish won't get resolved in this lifetime once the commitment is broken. This is a sacred agreement.

8) You instinctively trust your soul mate; you pick up where you left off from your last time together. If this is not in existence, the agreement is broken.

9) Intimacy, not chemistry is immediately evident. They share the deepest thoughts, the same dreams, and a real desire to make one another happy; usually leading to the best sexual relationship ever!

10) Soul mates have a tendency to die quickly after either has passed on. Their journey is over once their mate has left this lifetime.

Is this your soul mate? This is a very special mating of two souls; if it is, you are very blessed. If not, don't try to force it. You may not meet your soul mate in this lifetime.

They may have made a different choice or taken another path. If so, there are many others who may make you very happy; mates you can build a lasting and rewarding relationship with.

But if you have met your soul mate... you are in for the ride dreams are made of!


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