Whispers From the Heart

"Something just told me... " if those words are familiar pay attention to the origins of 'something.' If uncanny 'feelings' of just knowing information without know why you know, or perhaps ideas that seem to come from nowhere you can identify that are helpful, you join the ranks of those who are tuning in and paying attention.

There is a process for information to enter the human consciousness. Understanding how it comes to you may very well aid in how you use the information. Imagine there are three processing centers in your body. The most powerful incoming messages with the strongest ability of reception, much like a powerful satellite, arrive through the solar plexus, your instinctive center of being. It is that familiar 'gut feeling' you get about people, places or events. It is unfiltered, benevolent and the most pure and accurate information you can receive. And then, something happens.

The information is forwarded to your brain, the processing center for information. Like a computer hard drive, it stores all the information we have ever been exposed to. That which we tuck away for a variety of reasons, but don't want to let go of become stored memories. Things that have caused great pain or have had a serious impact on what we accept as reality are recorded as events, placed in a different compartment without emotion. Most people depend heavily on their 'brain power' without taking a moment to review the information gathered and stored there for accuracy. A lack of interest in or exposure to facts that you have not explored can skewer the results of a determination you arrive at. Failing to search for additional information when making important decisions will result in the brain accepting a false premise as 'fact.' Then something else happens.

The final analysis about what arrived as pure insight and truth, processed through the limits of the brains information gathering is forwarded to your emotional center for the final determination. The heart, where emotions that fire our passions or flame the heat of rage will make the final decision. Heed the warnings to guard your heart, where emotions are applied to instinct and limited information.

The heart is where all the injuries, pain, guilt, embarrassment and false beliefs, are stored. Those events become filters through which all future information is processed, leaving you vulnerable to misinterpreting intent behind incoming information. Adding emotions without examining those biases and filters is dangerous. Why? Because your emotional center receives information and processes it through the filters of past experiences. It is here where love and acceptance or hatred and rejection of the information become a belief you are willing to accept and act on.

How do you 'feel' about the information? This is tricky. If the information has remained pure and you are able to set aside the filters which represent beliefs you have accepted as truth, the heart will apply all the fuel necessary to allow you to gain the most from any opportunity. If you have left those filters in place delusion and denial enter the final conclusion. When emotions are applied the heart becomes a vessel that contains a trail of broken promises and pain, or the launch pad for your hopes and dreams.

Your gut may very well tell you it's possible yet risky, your brain may tell you it's pointless or even impossible, but it is your heart that whispers, "Give it a try." The gut instinct is pure. The brain is unemotional; it accepts what you input as information and stores it. It is important to store correct information and remove your own filters before you transfer thoughts and ideas to your heart. It contains the fuel that propels you to the deepest depths of despair or the force to achieve your highest hopes, dreams and aspirations.


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