"Twas the Night Before Christmas" After You Left

"Twas the night before Christmas, and all through my mind
drift pictures and stories, set down in time.

The memories are sweet, held close just to keep;
Now all that is left is your loss and my grief.

I struggle to know why this happened to us,
what shattered our dreams, leaving just a quiet hush?

I listen intently to the sound of my heart,
Does it sound any different, when it's broken apart?

I drive down the streets and stare at the stores,
That once was a part of our daily life chores.

They seem different somehow, the shops and the cars,
As I longingly stare at what used to be 'ours.'

The restaurants and stores where we used to go,
Are filled with laughter I no longer know.

Did the skies grow grayer, did the sun go away?
Or is it the memory of that awful day?

Your smiles and your hugs still linger with me,
Our hopes and dreams I no longer can see.

Later, tomorrow, are promised to none;
Wish I had known there's no time for that fun.

It's lonely and cold in this season of cheer,
All I can say is, 'I wish you were here.'

Your touch, your last words are still on my mind,
Leaving me searching; was there a sign?

I stare out the window at tinsel and lights,
And wonder, what really happened to you that night?

Were you scared, or hurting or screaming inside?
No, you ran to our Father with joy in your stride.

I know that you're safe now in His loving care,
The moments we had, His, given to share.

Sheltered from pain. surrounded by love;
You're wrapped in the arms of the Almighty above.

Merry Christmas to you, sure wish you could call.
I love you; I miss you this Christmas, that's all."


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